Frequently asked questions

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About Getex.sg

How does Getex.sg work?

- Login to your Getex.sg account. - Choose your favourite online shopping website and shop all you like. - Return to Getex.sg and enter order details. - Voila! Get assured cashback on every purchase. It really is that simple! .

How is Getex.sg able to give cashback?

We are registered affiliates of top online shopping/ e-commerce websites in Singapore. We work with these e-commerce companies to help their best offers and deals reach the right customers. In return, they give us a percentage of their profits as a fee. We keep a small part of that fee and transfer the rest to you. Its a win-win-win scenario, isnt it!

What is Getex.sg?

Getex.sg is Singapore top cashback wesbite. Get assured cashback on purchases made via Getex.sg from over 150 online retailers including Agoda, Expansys, Groupon, Lazada, Luxola, Rakuten, ValueBasket, Zalora,etc.., You can also find coupons, hot deals, and price comparison also on Getex.sg.

Using Getex.sg

What can I use Getex.sg for?

Primarily to get assured cashback on all your online purchases. But you can also get coupons, hot deals and price comparison for millions of products on Getex.sg.

Registering on Getex.sg

Should I register to use Getex.sg?

You dont need to register on Getex.sg to shop and earn cashback. However, to be able to withdraw your cashback, we recommend you register with us, through a very simple single step process. All we ask for is your name and email address.

Why should I register?

There are several reasons for you to register. To withdraw the cashback you have saved into your Getex.sg account, securely. To receive regular updates from us on the best deals and latest coupons available on online shopping, hand-picked for you. In the rare case that you have any issues with your cashback, you can raise a ticket and get a quick resolution.

Right, how do I register?

On any page, click on join for free at the right hand top corner. Fill in your name, correct email address and choose a password. Thats it. You are registered and you can use all the features of Getex.sg immediately.

Changing email address or password on your account

Can I change my password too?

Sure. Same process as above. Thats simple. Log in to your account and go to Account Settings. In the Change Password section, enter your new password and click Save Changes.

I have already registered, but I need to change the email address you write to me on. How do I?

Thats simple. Log in to your account and go to Account Settings. In the Change Email section, enter your new email address and click Save Changes.

Oops, I have forgotten my password! How can I recover it?

Click on the sign-in button. On the pop up that appears, you will see a link labelled 'Forgotten your password?' Just click on this and follow the instructions. We will send you an email with instructions on resetting your password. An email should be with you within an hour. Occasionally, the email may reach your 'junk/spam' folder, check there too. Click on the link in the email in order to reset your password.

Getting cashback

How can I get cashback on Getex.sg?

Before shopping online, login to your Getex.sg account. Browse and select the store you want to shop at. Click on the shop now button and go to your favourite shopping site. Shop for the products you need. Return to Getex.sg and fill in your purchase details. For referring you to your favourite online shopping website, we get a fee from them. We will keep a little and pass the rest on to you. Thats how you get cashback!

How else can I get extra cashback?

You can also get cashback for spreading the good news about Getex.sg to your friends. You get referral bonus, every time a friend of yours registers and makes a purchase via Getex.sg. Check out the referral section for more

How long does it take for the cashback to appear in my Getex.sg account?

It usually takes about 3-5 working days. However, we hope you will appreciate that it might take upto 120 days for the cashback to appear in your account, depending on the participating stores shipping, return and exchange policies.

How much cashback can I get on Getex.sg?

Unlimited. You can get cashback for every transaction you make via Getex.sg. The more you shop, the more you get in return!

Is there cashback on shipping and taxes too?

No. Cashback is only on the price of the product.

How many participating stores are there in the Getex Network ?

We feature over 100 stores in our shopping network which includes your favorite stores and brands that you frequently shop at. Getex also includes tons of less known unique stores that offer products and services you may not even realize exist.

Withdrawing cashback

How can I withdraw my accumulated cashback?

To request a payment, log in to your Getex.sg account and click the Request Payment button. On receiving your request, we will process payments from 5-7 business days.

How will you transfer the cashback to me?

You can choose from the several ways we can make payments for you. The most widely used is bank transfer, we can transfer your cashback to your bank account directly. You can choose to get vouchers from online retailers such as Zalora and Lazada. You also have the option of donating your cashback to any charity of your choice.

Is there a charge fee for withdrawing cashback?

Absolutely not. You can withdraw the entire amount in your account, for free, at any time. However, if you choose to withdraw in the form of a bank transfer, a small NEFT fee will be charged by the bank.

My cash back says it is paid but I have not received my payment?

We change the status to paid, when we have made the payment. But your payment may take upto 7 days to reach you. If the status has been paid for longer than 7 days and you have not received the payment, please raise a query at Submit ticket. We can track the payment and ensure it reaches you.

Partner stores

Which items are eligible?

All items on all of our partner stores are eligible for cashback at Getex.sg. That is over 150 of the best online retailers featuring millions of products are eligible for cashback from Getex.sg!

Who are your partner stores?

We have partnered with over 150 online stores for you to choose from, including Amazon, Lazada, Expedia, Expansys, Groupon, Lazada, Luxola, Zalora etc.., List of stores: Amazon, Air Asia Go, Agoda, Deal.com, Expansys, Expedia,Flower Advisor, Food Panda, Glasses online, Gift N Ideas, Groupon, Lazada, Luxola, Muji, Orderonline, Pegi pegi, Rakuten, Redmart, Smart Buy Glasses, StreetDeal, ValueBasket, Zalora and Zuji.

Making sure you always get cashback

Always go to your online shopping site from via Getex.sg.

Click through to the store from Getex.sg. Clicking to Getex.sg from other websites or typing the stores website directly into your web browser without going through Getex.sg will invalidate your cash back. Make sure that you don't click any other links to the stores website after clicking through from Getex.sg. If you place an order at a stores website but forgot to click through Getex.sg first, your order is not eligible for cash back.

Dont close the store website while shopping.

If you do close the window, you must go back to the Getex.sg store page and click through from Getex.sg to start a new session.

Dont checkout multiple times at an online store without clicking back through Getex.sg.

If you want to keep shopping after checking out the first time, you must go back to Getex.sg and click back through to the store again. Even if you are ordering the same item at the same store but in a new order, you need to have a new record of clicking through to the store to go with your new order. So, after every checkout, go back to Getex.sg to start again and click back to the same store or select a new store.

Dont use coupons from sources other than Getex.sg

Dont use coupons from sources other than Getex.sg, to get cashback via Getex.com. Some stores track the codes you use and don't allow cash back if you use a code from somewhere other than Getex.sg. This includes codes you receive in an email from the store, on social media sites, on blogs, in postal mailings, etc. We encourage you to do the quick math to find the maximum savings and apply that. If your coupon gives you more savings than our cashback, you must choose that! :)

Enable cookies

Enable cookies on your browser while you are shopping. Stores use cookies to track your purchase so you can get cash back from Getex.sg! Remember, if the store doesn't track your purchase, Getex.sg does not receive a sales commission, which means we can't pay the cash back.

Make sure your shopping cart is empty

when you click through to the store from Getex.sg. In order to earn cash back, some stores require that your shopping cart be empty when you click from Getex.sg to the store's website. Some stores keep track of when you put items in your shopping cart and if you don't do it after you clicked through from Getex.sg, it's possible that you won't earn cash back.

Privacy and Security

1. You need to start all your purchases at Getex to get cashback. If you are making two purchases, even from the same store, you need to start again at Getex.

2. If you do close the window, you must go back to the Getex.com store page and click through from Getex.com to start a new session.

3. Products that are already in the cart won't count for cashback.

4. Use only coupons from Getex.com.

5. Enable cookies on your browser while you are shopping. Stores use cookies to track your purchase so you can get cash back from Getex.com!

6. Disable or pause AdBlockers to ensure proper tracking.

7. You get cashback, when we get cashback. If the store rejects our claim to your purchase, if it is not tracked or recorded, we can't be held liable to pay you cashback.

8. The cashback shown as 'pending' is indicative. The store will confirm the final cashback and will be updated to your account automatically.

9. It would take 3-5 days for cashback to appear in your account. And another 30-60 days depending on the store's policy for it to be confirmed and available.